Android wear watch face | Radiance Autumn | Modern and elegant

Android wear watch face | Radiance Autumn | Modern and elegant

Radiance Autumn features a futuristic design inspired by Autumn colors, with semi-transparent disc shaped watch hands overlapping to create a gorgeous, always changing chromatic effect.
The spinning background animation create a realistic depth effect.


Android wear watch face | Radiance Autumn | Modern and elegant

• Local weather condition and temperature information
• Altimeter
• Ambient temperature, humidity and pressure sensors supported (if present on the device)
• Three fully customizable complications (with support for Android Wear 2.0 complications)
• Integration with on board sensor data
• Configurable 12 or 24 H time format
• Configurable Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year date format
• Configurable Imperial or metric unit system
• Configurable sweeping or discrete step motion second hand
• Configurable interactive (screen) timeout
• Configurable weather, location and sensor polling
• Designed to run on round and square devices
• Compatible with standard and low bit ambient modes
• Extremely low energy consumption ambient mode

Built-in complications
• Weather (current condition and temperature in C or F degrees)
• Altimeter (feet /meters)
• Barometer/ atmospheric pressure (hPa)
• Ambient temperature (C or F degrees)
• Ambient Humidity (%)
• Watch battery (%)
• Moon phase (icon and phase name)
• Sunrise/Sunset hour
• Current zodiac sign

Android Wear 2.0 complications
A new way to customize the information displayed by the watch face (Android Wear and later required). There are several, continuously growing options to choose from:
• Clock
– Countdown to date, Date, Moon phase, Next alarm, Stopwatch, Sunrise and sunset, Time and date, Timer, World clock
• Contacts
– Favorite contact
• Fit (Google Fit needs to be installed)
– Goals, Stats, Workout
• General
– App shortcut, Now playing, Unread notification count, Watch battery
• Next event
– Agenda
• Wearable application data
– A growing set of Android Wear 2 applications are implementing complication data source (Foursquare, AccuWeather, Lifesum etc.).
This data can be displayed by this watch face when selecting “External” complication type.

• The Ambient temperature, ambient humidity, atmospheric (barometric) pressure and altimeter values are only available if the relative sensors are present on the device.
• The all black background face is only visible – depending on the device – when the low bit watch ambient mode or the burn in protection mode are enabled and active.

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Android wear watch face | Radiance Autumn | Modern and elegant


Android wear watch face | Radiance Autumn | Modern and elegant

Get it on Google Play


Android Wear 2.0
Open the on-watch Play Store and install it. You will be asked to grant location permissions. They are needed in order to allow the watch face to download weather information related to your geographic position.

Android Wear 1.5
Install from the Google Play Store of your phone, then either set this watch face by using the Android Wear application on your mobile, or by directly changing it in your Android Wear device settings. Please note that it could take several minutes for the watch face to show up in the watch and in the Android Wear app.
Grant the permissions that the watch face will ask for (location).

IMPORTANT: In order to work correctly, this watch face needs user permission to access device location.
To access weather data and display it, the phone, or the watch, must be connected to the internet.


It is possible to configure the watch face by operating on the watch itself.
Just long press the watch screen, tap on the cog icon (Android 1.5) and access the configuration menu.
On Android Wear 1.5 watches, a mobile configuration companion app is automatically installed on your phone.
Please note that exclusive Android Wear 2 features, like the external complication provider configuration, can only be customized on the watch, and only if it’s an Android Wear 2 device.

Configuration menu is simple and intuitive.
• Complications
Give access to the complications configuration.
Tap on the complication you wish to change and select the data source and type you want. See the description section on this page for details.
By choosing “External” you access the Android Wear 2 external complication provider. You will be asked to grant appropriate permissions.
When an external provider is chosen, the complication configuration menu shows the word “External”. Just tap again on it to modify your choice.
Please note that external complication provider is only implemented in Android Wear 2 (and later) watches. If you select an external complication provider on a Android Wear 1.5 watch configuration (or in the mobile companion app in Android Wear on the mobile phone), a notice will appear and the complication will be set to invisible.
• Watch face data
Location: How frequently the watch face should be updated with the location data. Default frequency is 15 minutes. It can be disabled or set up to 60 minutes.
Shown data is only related to the current day.
Barometer: If there’s an atmospheric sensor on the watch, this is how frequently it should take a measurement. Default frequency is 15 minutes. It can be disabled or set up to 60 minutes.
If there is no atmospheric sensor on the watch, the altimeter and barometer will not be available and a zero value will be shown.
Please note: Sensors polling increase battery usage. It is strongly suggested not to set a measurement frequency lower than 15 minutes and to set it to higher values (or disable it) in order to save battery. Also, the atmospheric pressure value and the altimeter value are calculated relatively to the sea-level pressure in your zone which changes depending on the weather. Therefore, a standard atmosphere, or average sea-level pressure in hPa (millibar) is used. This can lead to an approximate value for both altitude and pressure.
Weather: How frequently to download the weather information from Default frequency is 1 hour. It can be disabled or set up to 24 hours.
Temperature/Humidity: If there are temperature/humidity sensors on the watch, this is how frequently they should take a measurement. Default frequency is 15 minutes. It can be disabled or set up to 60 minutes. If there are no temperature/humidity sensors on the watch, only the available information will be displayed in the relative complication.
• Settings
– Use the imperial or metric unit system in the temperature and altimeter complications.
– Set the time format to 12H or 24H
– Set the date format to Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year
– Show sensor displays the sensor data for the atmospheric pressure in the Barometer complication.
If there is no pressure sensor on the watch, the weather pressure value (relative to the closest airport) can be displayed.
– Sweeping hand switches between discrete/sweeping mode for the second hand movement.
– Screen timeout sets the duration of the screen timeout before ambient mode is entered. Can be left to the default value or set to 15 seconds max.
Please note that keeping the screen on  impacts heavily on the battery usage.
• More watch faces (Only on Android Wear 2 and later watches)
– Opens the Google Play Store to show all of Veertualia watch faces.
• About
– Shows the application name, type and version number.

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