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    RJJ JC

    The shortcode Seems to only work in articles, but not custom html mods. Any way to have [locals-card] work in an html module? Other shortcodes work in html mod.


    Veertualia Team

    That’s right, this is a content plugin, the shortcodes only work in articles, not in other modules. This is the expected behaviour.
    However, there could be a possible workaround. Have you tried setting Content Prepare under Custom HTML Module > Options to YES?

    Hope this helps.


    Veertualia Team

    We investigated the matter further, to give you a more accurate answer.

    Setting “Content Prepare” to YES, as we previously suggested, does not change the results. Veertualia /locals shortcodes will only work inside articles.

    Other plugin shortcodes will indeed work inside the custom html module.
    But that’s because they just need the article text.

    Veertualia /locals, instead, stores all of the metadata it needs (the actual information) in a separate data structure (called article attribs).

    This data structure, however, is not accessible when a module content is parsed inside an article. The only data available is the mere article text.

    Sorry we can’t help.
    For any other questions, we’re at your disposition.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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