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    Automatic update process
    The following Joomla! error occurs when updating Veertualia software

    Update path does not exist.
    Before updating ensure that the update is compatible with your Joomla! installation. 
    You are strongly advised to make a backup of your installation before you start updating.
    Error updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_.

    This happens when the automatic update process denies a request for a product update.
    This is what you should do to solve the issue:
    – Activate your license in the Veertualia License manager (components -> Veertualia /license -> Veertualia license keys) and refresh at least one article page in which you are using Veertualia /locals.
    – Check if your license is still valid or if it has expired for the website you’re using Veertualia products on.

    if your license has expired, please renew it to obtain the updates.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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