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What can Veertualia /locals do for you?

Veertualia /locals Joomla! plugin lets you turn Joomla! into a geolocation global business directory and add place and local business structured data to your directory entries (articles) by using just a simple shortcode. Examples of local business types include restaurants, bars, movie theaters, hotels, stores, shopping centers, tourist attracions and many, many more.  

Cool! But what is structured data and why does it matter?

Structured data is a way to add information to your content so that machines (read: search engines) can better understand it.
As stated by Google, when your pages contain structured data, search engines can use it to better index your content or to make it more prominent in search results.

Since all major search engines support the vocabulary for structured data, Veertualia /locals embeds this data into your article by using JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation – Linked Data) encoding, a simpler way to add information to a web page without using HTML markup so that it is completely isolated from the page HTML and easier to maintain while providing the same quality information to data consumers, such as search engines.

And how does it work?

Quick, nice and easy. No need to modify your template, now or in future. Just edit your article in Joomla! backend, head for the Veertualia /locals tab and choose a local business type.
Then input its address (or coordinates) and fill the fields that Veertualia /locals makes available to you (the more the better).
Then Place the shortcode wherever you want the information to appear in your article and use the additional shortcode, if you want to embed a Google Map (plain or with directions) into the article. That's it!

A clean and elegant info panel will be added to your article (you have several different overridable templates to choose from: BS3, BS2, Google Material Design Lite and CSS), while the related structured data will be transparently embedded in the article in JSON-LD encoding.

And if you want to show a global map of your categorized, geo-tagged content anywhere on your site, just use the Veertualia /maps module. See it in action.

If your content is about restaurant reviews, cool places to visit, stores to stop by or is a local places directory, with Veertualia /locals you're really just a few clicks away to better promote it on the web by boosting its SEO.


  • JSON-LD structured data embedding
  • Local Business and Places vocabulary
  • Localization by geocoding or by reverse-geocoding
  • Overridable layouts (info card and map)
  • 700 map markers from Map Icons Collection
  • Custom map styles
  • Two map layouts (Plain and with directions)
  • Use article rating as location rating
  • Two separate, independent shortcodes for card and map
  • Multiple card layouts available (BS3, BS2, Google MDL and CSS)
  • Social sharing with url shortening
  • Multiple KML and GeoRSS custom layers overlay
  • Transit, traffic, bicycle layers
  • Frontend and backend in english and spanish
  • Tested on all modern Joomla! frameworks
  • Validates 100% with Google Structured Data Testing Tool

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